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Precision Miniature Hand Tools for Industry and Education/Research

Scope Tools is the current manufacturer of precision microTools originally created in the late 1950's and produced by Circon Corp. (aka Circon-ACMI, ACMI Corp., GyrusACMI).  Scope Tools purchased the microTool product line from GyrusACMI (a division of Olympus Corporation) in March, 2009.

We understand that Circon microTools have been difficult to find during the past 10-15 years as the division has become a smaller and smaller portion of a growing medically based company (Circon buying ACMI, Gyrus buying Circon-ACMI and huge Olympus Corp. buying GyrusACMI).  We are providing this site to help make microTool users aware that these fine tools continue to exist.

If you are not familiar with Scope Tools and our mission of re-establishing the quality and ready availability of Circon microTools please call or email regarding your needs and questions.  We look forward to interacting with you about your unique applications.  Our current product catalog is available in pdf format upon request.